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Why Softball Trading Pins Are so Popular

Why are softball trading pins so popular? Keep reading to learn the top benefits of softball trading pins, and why they are a must-have for your upcoming season.
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Sports Team Pin Trading Basics

Team pin trading has been a time honored tradition for several sports for hundreds of years.  The first pin exchange occurred in 1896 at the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. Since then, several individual sports such as baseball, softball, curling, hockey, and many non-sport related events have adopted the hobby.  Sports pin trading effectively fosters […]
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Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the Softball Trading Pins blog! Here you’ll find design and ordering tips, product details, interviews, and stories related to all things trading pins. First time ordering and don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Want to know why softball pins are so important? Find out here. Interested in keeping up with […]
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Welcome To SoftballTradingPins.net

Hello Everyone, and welcome to our new site. We hope you like the new format of our site. It will allow us to post customer picture and news as the season progresses. We are excited about this upcoming season and hope you are too. We look forward to making the best pins we can for […]
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