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What Are Enamel Pins and Why Are They Great for Your Softball Team?

What are enamel pins and why are they great for your softball team? Learn more about how enamel pins can be great for bringing a team together.

It's that time of the year again. Summer softball tournament season. And, the most important tournament of them all is fast approaching.

When it comes to fastpitch world series tournaments, there's a particular energy in the air. Adrenaline is pumping, coaches are wired, and players are ready to give it their all.

The usual scents of hot dogs and freshly cut grass are stimulating your senses. But there's something new, too. All around you'll find teams prepared for the most beloved tradition of the world series tournament: trading pins.

In preparation for world series tournaments, every team designs an enamel pin to trade with other teams either in a pin parade or after games.

What are enamel pins and why are they great for your softball team

Now, you might be wondering: What are enamel pins? If so, this article is for you. It will cover the different kinds of enamel pins and how they benefit softball teams from around the world.

Different Kinds of Enamel Pins

The enamel pin itself is a pin with an enamel finish that displays your softball team's name and logo. However, there are two different types of enamel: hard and soft. Each type will give your team logo a particular finished look.

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel pins are textured. If a pin is soft enamel, this means that the metal edges are raised between the coatings of colored enamel. The reason for these raised edges is because the metal enamel is baked in an oven to harden before the color is placed.

Hard Enamel

Hard enamel pins are smoother. Some choose hard enamel because it's a shinier, cleaner look. Hard enamel is made to be scratch resistant as well.

Rather than having the metal enamel baked first, the color is filled in and baked while the pin is flat. This is why the hard enamel is smoother.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between soft and hard enamel is a personal choice. Most pin designs can be done in either enamel style. The more exciting choices to make in regard to pin style would be if you wanted to add an effect to your pin.

What are enamel pins and why are they great for your softball team

These stunning effects might include glitter, chains, spinners, etc. As a team, you can choose the type of enamel and effect based on what your collective style is.

What Do You Want Your Team's Pin to Represent?

You'll find that the best part about trading pins with other teams is seeing how each team chooses to represent itself. Generally, the team colors will be included in their logo.

However, some teams choose a pin design that showcases an important element of where they're from. For example, if a team is from Louisville, KY they might have a pair of Louisville Slugger Bats crossed behind their team name. Or, they might choose to include the outline of their state behind their logo.

What Are Enamel Pins Beneficial For?

Now that you know what an enamel pin is, let's talk about how they make world series tournaments exciting. More than anything, a world series softball tournament brings people together. There's competition, but it's also a place where new friends and ideas can be shared.

Build a Sense of Community

A world series tournament brings together some of the best teams from all around the world. Every team must qualify based on USSSA fastpitch standards to enter a world series tournament. This means every team who participates is there to win.

In this situation, tensions are high and the competition is stiff. The tradition of trading pins helps to ease some of this tension and allows players to branch out. Meeting other softball players while exchanging pins builds a sense of community.

Sometimes, goodie bags will accompany the enamel pins. These bags might include typical softball snacks like sunflower seeds. Or, they might include something to represent where the team is from.

Overall, the pins and the goodie bags create a sense of camaraderie.

Create Excitement for the Big Tournament

While pin trading builds a sense of community, it also gets players excited to start playing ball. When you see how many great teams are around you, it motivates you. Everyone wants to be the last team standing with a big trophy over their heads.

Establish a Team's Legacy

Enamel pins are very durable. They're meant to be collectible items that other teams can keep forever. Having this type of memorabilia creates a legacy for your team.

Regardless of whether or not your team makes it all the way, other teams will know that you were talented enough to participate in the world series tournament.

And let's say you do win. People will point to your team's enamel pin later and say: "They did it. They won the world series."

Create Team Memories You'll Never Forget

Let's not forget what pin trading can do for your team. The energy that encapsulates a world series tournament is something you never forget. The same goes for the memories that you make while you're there.

Trading pins with other teams means that you'll also leave with a collection of pins. These will forever remind you of the experience you had at the world series. Even if you don't come out a champ, you'll have team memories you can cherish forever.

Ideas for Where to Showcase Your Pins

Once you collect all of your world series tournament pins, you'll need a place to put them. There are plenty of ways to display them, but here are the three best ways for softball players.

Tournament Towel

Many world series tournaments will have tournament towels with the tournament location and year on them. These towels are great to buy so that you can place all of your tournament pins on them. Then, you have them all in one place and you can remember where they came from.

If your team competes in more than one of these tournaments, having a pin towel helps you to keep your pins organized based on which world series tournament they are from.

Decorative Pin Box

This is something you can order online if you desire. A decorative pin box will keep pins safe if you'd like to keep them on display in your home.

Softball Bag

This one's tried and true. Some players decide to put all of their tournament pins on their softball bags. This allows them to see the pins every time it's time to play.

The only risk with this is that you might lose some pins with all the moving around that you do from dugout to dugout. While this is the most stylish option, it isn't necessarily the safest.

Can You Have Team Enamel Pins if You Aren't Participating in a World Series Tournament?

There's more answer than one when someone asks: What are enamel pins for? You don't have to be participating in a world series tournament to have a team pin.

Sometimes, these enamel pins are fun to give out as you play teams in other tournaments. Or, you might want to create a team pin for the same reason that you have team sweatshirts. Wearing one on your shirt at school can advertise team pride.

It's Game Time: Find the Perfect Enamel Pin for Your Softball Team

So, now you'll never have to ask what are enamel pins ever again. And, you know what makes them so exciting and unique. Are you ready to create a customized pin for your softball team?

Softball Trading Pins is at your service. We specialize in creating the best enamel pins for softball teams all over the world. We offer soft pins, hard pins, and every special effect under the sun.

It's game time. Contact us today to find the perfect personalized pin for your team.

If you are looking to bring your team together and bolster team spirit, getting softball trading pins for your team is a great strategy.

Did you know that softball is the fastest-growing sport in the NCAA? Softball is growing quicker in viewership and revenue than college football and baseball combined.

With such dedicated and skilled athletes, it’s no wonder that softball – at all levels – is finally getting the attention and recognition it deserves.

Womens' sports should be taken seriously. Creating softball trading pins for your team is one way to recognize an athlete's incredible discipline, bolster a team's spirit, and build community wherever you go.

Understanding The Purpose Of Softball Trading Pins

Team pins build a sense of community and carry on the tradition of sportsmanship. While picking out your design and trying to stay on budget is probably at the top of your list, the first thing to consider is how your softball trading pin is going to be used.

WTX 2020 Softball Trading Pin
WTX 2020 Softball Trading Pin

Softball trading pins are all about creating community. Whether that’s between teammates, families, or fans, your pin should be something people are proud of and excited to wear. Since they are used to help build team spirit and team bonding, they should also clearly represent your team and your team logo.

It's also good to remember that pins will be traded. Players will often exchange pins with other players to commemorate a special playoff game, remember nationals, or the Softball World Series.

You should choose the right pin material and size for your budget, so you can have plenty of great-looking pins to go around.

2015 Softball Trading Pin
2015 Softball Trading Pin

Well-made pins will also be collected. When designing your team pin, keep in mind that pins are a lot easier to hang onto than big trophies.

If you have the time, personalization that memorializes a specific team, game, or inside joke will go a long way.

Thinking About Your Project Timeline

Time is always going to be your friend when choosing your team trading pin. As soon as a new season starts or a big game is on the horizon, it's a good idea to start planning ahead.

A good pin manufacturer should be able to provide you with a quote at the very start of your search. That way if you have to get your budget approved or run your idea by a committee, you’ll have the right information at your fingertips.

Heartland Havok 2020 Softball Pin
Heartland Havok 2020 Softball Pin

If you are looking to get a high-quality soft enamel pin designed, the production time alone could take up to a month. You should also add additional time into your timeline if you are working with a designer or if you want to run the design by others.

If you are tight on time, there are still plenty of options to consider.

Designing Your Teams Trading Pin

When creating a custom enamel pin, you’ll want to provide some type of design or inspiration to the factory or manufacturer you are working with. A lot of these companies have in-house designers, so you may just have to provide a picture of the logo to get started.

Our design team at Softball Trading Pins have been designing softball pins for teams since 2003. And did you know that our designs are free?

Clearly communicating your design expectations at the beginning, will make the process go a lot smoother. It's also great to work with expert and experienced designers like our team because they will translate your ideas into something that people will love.

When thinking about your design, it’s good to keep a few basic design principles in mind. Keep the design simple. It’s also good to use strong colors and lines to make your design pop.

Because of the compact size, fewer lines and details will help your design stand out from the crowd.

Choosing The Right Material

Once you figure out your design, you’ll want to start looking for the right material. The material and quality of your pin are almost as important as the design.

There are two basic types of pins you should be aware of:

  1. Soft Enable Pins — These are the highest quality pins you will find. Because are shaped out of metal, these pins usually feature bright colors, shiny finishes, and have fun customization options, like glow-in-the-dark.
  2. Offset Printed Pins — These pins are great if you have a very detailed design or if you are listing players’ names. They are printed on vinyl, attached to the metal pin, and then covered with epoxy.

Determining The Budget

Material, size, and quantity are going to be the main factors in determining your overall cost. As a general rule, the more pins you order the cheaper your unit cost is going to be.

For example, one hundred 1.0” soft enamel pins could cost you about $270. If you ordered one thousand of those same pins, your total cost would only be $960.

Mustang Fastpitch Softball Team Pin
Mustang Fastpitch Softball Team Pin

Ranging from 1.0” to 3.0”, the size of your pin will also impact your bottom line. Your overall cost can double if you are choosing to go with a bigger pin design. For softball, the most popular pin size is 1.75”.

It’s great to have an understanding of the pricing right up front, so you don’t set your heart on something your team can’t afford.

Find The Right Manufacturer Today

If you are thinking about purchasing softball trading pins, today is a great day to get started. Figuring out your timeline, design, materials, and budget will put you on the right path to finding the best manufacturer for your team pins.

Ask for a free quote and start designing a pin that your team, fans, and community will love.

Why are softball trading pins so popular? Keep reading to learn the top benefits of softball trading pins, and why they are a must-have for your upcoming season.

Can you believe that pin trading has been popular at sporting events since the early 1900s?

Yes, pin trading has become a valuable part of softball culture. And if your team needs a dose of sportsmanship, excitement, and unity, then pin trading just might be the answer.

Texas Lady Aces Softball Trading Pin
Texas Lady Aces Softball Trading Pin

Fully Customized

One of the most appealing aspects of trading pins is that they are fully unique to your team. They can be customized with your team name, colors, and mascot. They can even include player names and numbers.

Your team pins can be enhanced with special features for just ten or fifteen cents extra. These upgrades include glitter, crystals, and glow-in-the-dark enamel. Blinking lights and moving parts always make your pins highly sought-after when trading.

When you are trading pins at tournaments, you want your pins to stand out. You also need them to represent you and look cool. This is good for self-esteem and makes other teams want to trade with you.

It will also turn the softball pins into mementos your team members will treasure for the rest of their lives. Sturdy and built to last, just one glimpse of the pin years from now will take the players back to their nostalgic softball days.

Pins Promote Good Sportsmanship

One of the main reasons players participate in team sports like softball is to learn valuable life lessons. Good sportsmanship is one of the most valuable of those lessons.

While working on endurance, dedication, and softball skills, it can be easy to get caught up in competition. Winning and losing can start to feel like everything.

But we don't want our players to view other teams as enemies. We want them to learn from each other and have fun!

Nothing promotes good sportsmanship better than trading softball pins with other teams. Suddenly, tournaments become about more than duking it out for supremacy. Your players will look forward to seeing what pins they'll collect!

In order to trade with a member of the opposite team, players must be polite and friendly. They need to initiate conversation, discuss pins, and agree with each other. What could be more conducive to good sportsmanship?

These interactions might even lead to friendships with players on other teams. Your players will learn more about other cities and countries. In this way, pin trading can even broaden their point of view and their goals.

Lady Scrappers Softball Trading Pin
Lady Scrappers Softball Trading Pin

Building Team Unity

The players on your team probably come from different schools and neighborhoods. If they weren't on the same sports team, they might never otherwise meet. They most likely come from diverse cultural backgrounds as well.

In order to function like a well-oiled machine, your team needs to depend on and trust each other. To promote this, you must make the team feel like a solid unit. Softball trading pins provide the key to unification.

When your team has a specially-designed pin, players will feel like they belong to something. They now have a shared identity, a common culture. This builds instant trust and goodwill.

Even when players have minor squabbles amongst themselves, when they feel like a unit, they will put their differences aside on game day. They'll feel loyalty to their "brand" and demonstrate cooperation.

Pins Show Support for Your Team

Softball team trading pins are not just for the players! Many parents and supporters love to buy and collect them. Then they wear them to the games to show support.

Fans can buy official softball pin trading bags, which provide another opportunity to strut your team spirit. For the serious collector, a softball trading pin lanyard is a convenient way to carry and display your collection.

Many die-hard fans will sport team pins all day when there's a game. Parents will wear their swag at the supermarket or among their adult friends. When players see their team supported in public, it builds a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Having an official pin makes the players view their team as legitimate. This builds confidence and self-esteem, both at the game and in other areas such as school.

Options to Fit Your Needs

Even if you have price or time constraints, you can still participate in the pin culture. Softball Trading Pins has quick options that are still personalized but get to you faster. While normal orders take 16 days to complete, quick pins can arrive in four business days.

We even carry stock pins. These are the speediest of all and still allow you to participate in game-day trading. While not customized for your team, the other teams won't have them, because our stock pin designs are unique to Softball Trading Pins.

For those with budget concerns, we offer a range of prices. Our offset printed softball pins are less expensive than soft enamel. They are also ideal for intricate designs. You can upgrade these with danglers, crystals, or spinners as well.

In addition, the more you buy, the more you save! Buying in bulk will drastically cut the cost per pin. You'd be surprised how fast your players go through pins once they get trading.

Better plan ahead: order in bulk!

Order Softball Trading Pins Today!

Softball trading pins are an important part of team sports culture. They provide unity and a sense of identity for your players. They also make unique, custom keepsakes.

Softball Trading Pins has everything you need to design and order your team pins. We even offer free three-day shipping!

Help your players enjoy their sport to the fullest, and teach them that sportsmanship is fun. Complete our form to get started on your free trading pin design.

What Are Softball Trading Pins?

If you or your child play for a softball team, then you may have heard about softball trading pins. But what are they exactly? Here's what you need to know.

Have you heard of trading pins? Did you start collecting softball trading pins because everyone else was? These pins are now extremely popular and first went into production in 1896. If you've started collecting these pins, don't stop now.

Learn more about softball trading pins and the popularity behind them.

The History of Softball Trading Pins

Trading pins are not just for the sport of softball. Baseball and other sports also have trading pins.

The trading pins we know today are made of different materials and colors and are used in trading.

The original story dates back to the 1908 Olympic games. Athletes would wear markers to represent. At the end of the game, they would trade them with other players to show good sportsmanship.

In the 1948 Olympic games, there was a maximum amount the team could produce. That was one tactic set by teams to make the pins rarer.

The teams would trade the pins back and forth as a way to remember playing one another. It isn't until later that fans and the media were able to buy and trade these pins.

This need to buy and collect all of the pins is how the pin trading boom excelled.

Trading Rules

You're probably wondering if there are rules that go along with pin trading. The answer is no. When it comes to fastpitch softball pins, you are in control of your pins.

If you're a fan, you may find it essential to collect as many as you can every season. If you're a player, you may want to keep the pins of the teams you played in that season.

No matter the reason, you are not obligated to trade. If someone wants one of your pins, but you don't want to trade with them, you don't have to.

These are the most straightforward set of rules, and they keep everyone happy. Trading pins are fun and enjoyable.

Types of Pins

There are so many trading pins being produced all the time. For example, a pin may have the team's name on it with their team colors. Another pin could have the names of all the players with their team color.

These pins carry a lot of variety which is why they are sought after by pin collectors. The oldest pins may even hold some value.

1. Soft Enamel Pins

These pins are the highest quality of pin you're able to find. Pins of this type usually contain bright colors and have a shiny luster about them.

These pins may also include glow-in-the-dark features as well as spinning objects on the pin. These are so popular because they are shaped out of metal. These pieces are then individually filled with color.

Finally, these pins are baked to become firm and ready to trade. The best part is that the team can order as many as they'd like

2. Offset Printed Pins

These pins are just as popular and allow for a lot of customizations. These pins are printed on a type of vinyl. Once it is printed, it is secured to the metal pin and covered with clear epoxy.

This takes away from adding the individual colors like in a soft enamel pin. With these pins, you can add more customizations such as player's names because it is easier to see them.

These pins can still have spinning items and crystals attached to the outside. Although this is a different look, it still catches the eye of the pin trader.

3. Quick Pins

If you don't have a lot of time to order a pin, you can look into quick pin options. These will work great for your game day.

If you order a quick pin, you can add your team's touches to make it your own. You won't add a lot of customizations since these are created with a quick turnaround.

4. Stock Pins

If you have no time to space, you can check out a stock pin. This isn't going to be specific to your team, but it will give your players something to trade. Instead, this pin could say something like "softball" and be a metal texture.

The good news is, these pins will only be used and sold to your team. While yes, they are generic, the design is only used for one team.

These pins can be used in a pinch if you're waiting on an order or want something simple for a specific tournament.

Unique Pin Styles

Before pins became popular, there were no extra things added to the pin to attract more attention. The pin was flat and colorful.

Since things have changed, your team can add things onto the pin that move and dangle.

These pins now come with some 3-D capabilities. For example, you can have your pin hold a crystal off the edge.

It can have something spinning in the middle, such as a softball or a bat. You can even choose to add a bobblehead to your pin. This is extra fun if you want to make your softball mascot's head move.

Pin Production Time

Depending upon your season or special event, you'll want to allot for some production time. In this case, production can take anywhere from 7-10 days.

When you decide you want a pin created, you'll need to choose the proper manufacturer to take on your pin. The steps include talking about a design, the manufacturer creating the design, sending you the proof, getting your approval, and then production.

This can be a couple of weeks process, so it is best to make arrangements early. You'll definitely be able to find softball pins for world series events.

Softball Trading Pins

Whether you're just getting into pin trading or have been trading for a while, there is always something new you can learn from trading pins. This tradition is going to keep growing, and the pins will become rarer.

If you're looking to get a quote for some new softball trading pins, be sure to check out our website today.

Home Run Softball History: A Brief History of Softball, How It Started and Why

Softball may not be as mainstream popular as football or baseball, but it is a respected sport in its own right. The sport has its own iconic players, memorable games, and storied history. The sport has been around since the late 1800s and has experienced several iterations since its creation.

And while the sport's popularity has waxed and waned over the years, it's expected to gain a boost this year and next. In 2020, Softball will return to the Olympics following a 12-year absence. In fact, softball is going to kick off the 2020 Tokyo games.

With the upcoming spotlight on the sport, it's the perfect time to revisit its history and origin story. Read on to learn more about the fascinating history of softball. Whether you're a longtime fan or a curious outsider, you're sure to find this interesting.

Why and How Softball First Came to Be

First, it's important to note that the games of softball and baseball are different, and softball wasn't created because of baseball. In fact, football is part of the story of softball's creation. Softball was first created on Thanksgiving of 1887, at Farragut Boat Club in Chicago, during a watch party for the Yale vs. Harvard football game.

Yale won the game, and the Yale alumni were so excited that one of them threw a balled-up boxing glove at a Harvard alumnus. The Harvard supporter swung at and hit the glove with a stick. That night the group created and played the first game of softball.

The Early History of Softball as a Legitimate Sport

One of the people at this first game was George Hancock, a reporter from the Chicago Board of Trade. Hancock created the first official rulebook for softball in 1889. Then in 1895, he organized the game outside a Minneapolis firehouse for firefighters to pass time and exercise while waiting for an alarm.

At the time, people called the game "kitten league ball," and then the shortened, "kitten ball." In 1922, the name became "diamond ball," but over the years it was also called "mush ball" and "pumpkin ball," before the name softball became official in 1930.

How Softball Came Into Its Own

The sport's organizers did advertise softball as an indoor game for baseball players in the offseason. But once softball gained more recognition and popularity, it became its own official sport. The first national amateur softball tournament took place in conjunction with the Chicago World Fair in 1933.

A reporter at the event established the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) soon after. The sport saw its biggest growth during World War II when American servicemen would play and teach the game to others. It continued to gain popularity, and today 113 countries belong to the International Softball Federation (ISF).

Learn More Softball Facts and Get Helpful Tips

If you're looking to read more about the history of the sport or anything softball related, you're in the right place. Browse our blog to read about when softball season starts, helpful tips for finding the right softball glove, and more.

Also be sure to check out our softball trading pins instagram page for specials and cool pinspiration. Interested in getting softball pins for your team? Get a free no obligation quote or call us at 888-574-6118

The Ultimate Guide to Softball Trading Pins

Custom softball trading pins are popular among players and their fans. Read more about softball trading pins in this ultimate guide.

If you're involved in the world of softball, you've likely heard about pin trading. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, now's the time to start!

Softball trading pins carry a rich history behind them. Pin trading started decades ago and continues to be a loved aspect of sports events. While pin trading isn't unique to softball, it adds a great element of fun to the sport.

Anyone who loves softball can participate, whether they play the game or prefer to watch it from the sidelines. And getting started is easy.

Are you looking to start trading but aren't sure how to do it? Well, you've come to the right place. Our complete guide will help you learn the ropes and get your foot in the door.

Why Pins

Why do sports enthusiasts love to trade pins? The reasons are about as endless as the number of existing pin designs.

Trading pins are great for a number of reasons. They encourage interaction between sports teams who otherwise would only play each other than go home. This helps bring unity to the sport and helps players make new friends.

Unity is felt within a team, too, when everyone has a matching pin to represent their team. Players may also have pins specifically created to commemorate a specific tournament or championship. As players from various teams meet and trade together, they're given a chance to learn good sportsmanship.

Trading isn't limited to players only, though. Spectators can also participate, showing support for their favorite teams while working to build their own trading pin collections. Pins can also be used for brand promotion. This helps the team and spreads the word about the fun they're having.

Simple, small, and inexpensive, pins provide a non-cumbersome physical momento of games, friends, and beloved experiences on the field.

Rules of the Trade

Pin trading rules are simple. Because there really aren't any. While the decision to trade or not can be difficult, trading in an of itself if a simple, non-controlled method of interaction between players and fans.

A successful trade simply requires consent from both parties. If someone doesn't want to trade, they don't have to. If they do, they just do it, no formalities required.

Types of Pins

Trading pins come in a few varieties. As you trade, try to get a mix to add variety to your collection. Unless, of course, you prefer on kind. Then stick to those, if you want to!

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel trading pins are the highest quality pins you'll find. Beautiful and brightly colored, these pins follow the traditional style. Several options are available for soft enamel pins. Feel free to add some fun elements, like blinkers or spinners, or glow-in-the-dark colors.

For this type of pin, each individual design element is stamped into the metal, leaving an indentation that is filled with paint. The pin is then fired and hardened to finish it up and give it a nice luster.

Offset Printed Pins

This type of pin provides a lot of variety too, but is made using a different method. Offset printed pins are created by printing the design onto vinyl, Mylar or paper. The design is then applied to the metal pin and secured and protected by a clear epoxy.

Just like soft enamel pins, these pins offer a lot of room for fun additions, including danglers, crystals, and spinners. Offset printed pins offer a different look though, without the thin metal lines that separate the design elements on soft enamel pins.

Offset printed pins are great if you're looking to include fine details, such as players' numbers.

Quick Pins

Sometimes you'll find yourself in a pinch as a tournament is coming up. Quick pins are great for these situations.

While they may not offer as much customization, they provide a great pin in a short amount of time. The pins come in basic shapes, such as squares or diamonds, and have simpler designs.

Stock Trading Pins

If you're really in a pickle, consider using some stock trading pins. These are generic softball pins with no customization, but they'll provide your team with something to share in situations where you find yourself in a lurch.

Pin Styling

Custom designing allows you to really create pins that are unique to you, your team, and your event. You'll likely start with your team name and logo or mascot. You may even include your team players' names and their numbers.

Once you've got the basics of your design in, consider some fun additional features. Glitter, sliders, danglers, blinkies, and bobbleheads are popular choices. Make a pin that's totally yours by customizing the shape, size, and colors used for your pin.

Team members will love giving input. As you create your pin design for each year, team, or event, let your players give input. You could even operate a contest that ends in creating the winning design.

The fun associated with pin trading doesn't only occur when trading itself happens. Have fun with your design too.

Softball Trading Pins: Something for Everyone

Whether you're a player, a coach, a family member, or a spectator, there's an aspect of softball pin trading for you to enjoy.

Softball trading pins offer something for everyone. You may enjoy the trading itself, while someone else may love the design process. If you're a player, you likely treasure the pins you've received and you're eager to see what you can get from other players.

Whatever aspect of pin trading you enjoy, get out and get involved. Pin trading provides wholesome, uncomplicated fun for all ages. All you need to get started is a pin and the love of the game.

Do you already have a pin design in mind for your team or event? We'd love to help you create it. Contact us today for a free quote!

Team pin trading has been a time honored tradition for several sports for hundreds of years.  The first pin exchange occurred in 1896 at the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. Since then, several individual sports such as baseball, softball, curling, hockey, and many non-sport related events have adopted the hobby.  Sports pin trading effectively fosters new friendships, team unity, and brand promotion.

Athens Games of the I Olympiad 1896

Softball has become an extremely popular sport in the US as well as around the world. Among the top leagues are Major League Softball, National Pro Fastpitch, European Softball Federation, and Intercollegiate Softball Championships in the US. There are also local youth leagues, travel teams and many other opportunities to trade some really awesome pins.  With all of the tournaments and events, just imagine the opportunity to trade some amazing sports team pins that were created specifically for each team to show off themselves, their logo, their mascot and their hometown.

Pin trading Contest at Youth Softball Nationals Tournament. Image by Softball Nationals

Trading team pins typically happens at the start or at the end of an event.  Family members, friends, and fans even bring their own softball trading pins during the games. Custom pins are ordered three or four weeks prior to their event. Trading pin manufacturers become extremely busy during this time of the year, so be sure to plan accordingly and make sure you get your pins in plenty of time for your tournament.

Softball Trading Pin designs can vary from simple to extreme.  The technology that is used in creating some amazing pin designs is something that you need to experience.  Many companies offer FREE design services for their trading pins, and will be happy to accommodate any design requests you might have.

The amazing thing about trading pins is there are no rules on what trading pins to trade. As long as both parties agreed to take each other’s pin in exchange for what each currently has, then it is considered a deal done. If you are able to get softball trading pins with upgrades like glitter, crystals, glow in the dark, blinkers or moving pieces, those are the more highly tradable sports pins.  Also, pins over 1.5” in size, are also more easily traded.  More recently we are even seeing some new, unique designs in different materials, different metal colors and even full color, digital printing.

One thing that is important to being a successful team pin trader, is that it requires dedication and consistency, and it might take some time for your collection to grow. Pin trading is always a two-way process. Always make sure you have a wide variety of sports pins in your collection.  High end sports pins are great to have, but make sure you have all sizes, shapes, locations, etc. available in your collection, to trade with as many people as you can.  Keep in mind, that expanding your collection is based on your reputation, so make sure all of the sports pins that you are trading are in good condition, with sturdy backs, no missing pieces or major blemishes… it will make you a better collector and trader.

Good Luck!

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