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8 Softball Fundraising Ideas to Make Money for Your Team This Summer

May 7, 2018

8 Softball Fundraising Ideas to Make Money for Your Team This Summer

Especially if your team travels a lot, you'll need to raise some money to get you all around. There are also uniforms and supplies to consider. Read on for eight softball fundraising ideas that will help your team out this summer.

Summer softball season is one of the best times of the year: games in the hot sun and relaxing in the shade of the outfield afterward with a hot dog and a cold lemonade.

But it's no secret that traveling teams rack up significant costs. Between actual travel costs, equipment, uniforms, snacks, dinners out, hotel stays, and after-game ice cream, it can get pretty expensive.

Many teams turn to fundraising to make that extra money. Check out these 8 great softball fundraising ideas to keep your team going all summer long.

1. Donation Table

This is a simple and easy softball fundraiser that will cost next to nothing to set up and will earn a lot of profits. Simply find places you can set up a table where you'll get a lot of foot traffic of locals who would want to help you out.

Some great places would be outside the local grocery store, outside a local school or college, or even at the softball field during games. As long as you get permission to set up there, you should be good to go.

Have different team members take shifts manning the table and asking people if they can donate. If you're in a high traffic area, getting people to donate even just a few dollars will add up quickly.

2. Team Up with Local Restaurants

Local restaurants, and even some big name chains can team up with softball teams for "team nights." What this means is that on a particular night, the restaurant will give a percentage of the profits to the team they've connected with.

Teaming up with a local restaurant will require little effort and no cost to you or the team. You can gather up as many people as possible to go to the restaurant on the team night to ensure you'll get a good amount of funds from that night.

3. Sell Team Merchandise

Would a list of fundraiser ideas for softball teams be complete without the suggestion of selling team merchandise?

You can buy merchandise in bulk to get a lower price and then sell it back to make a profit. Whether this is team shirts, sweatshirts, softball pins, cups, visors, hairbands, or something else, both the team and family and friends would love to purchase it to show off team pride.

4. Bake Sale

Bake sales are a classic fundraising idea for a reason! People love treats, especially when buying them can support a local team or their friends and family.

This can even become a fun team bonding activity. The team can get together for a baking day to make cookies, brownies, fudge, pies, or whatever else you think would sell well in your area.

You can even decorate the baked goods with a softball theme to add a special touch (and perhaps a few dollars onto the price tag!). Set up the bake sale at your school, outside a busy shopping area, or right before games to provide snacks to hungry spectators.

5. Hold a Raffle

Who hasn't bought tickets to a local raffle at some point in their life? The only thing you really have to purchase for this type of softball fundraiser is the literal raffle tickets.

What you raffle off can come from donations. Ask local businesses if they'd be willing to donate gift cards or any goods to the fundraiser. You can also ask team parents and friends if they have any items from their work or home that they would be willing to donate.

You'll be surprised how generous people can be when they are supporting a local team and players within their community.

Then you can sell raffle tickets and have a fun raffle night to earn even more money. You can provide refreshments and snacks while you call out the raffle winners.

6. Car Wash

A car wash is another classic fundraiser that is a cliche for a reason. What parent or family member doesn't want to sit back and relax while their kids wash the car for a change?

This would also be another great team bonding activity. The whole team will have to work together to set up the car wash and complete the task at hand.

This would also be pretty cheap to set up, which means you'd get most of the money as a profit. You would just need a few sponges and some soap. You could be positioned near a public water hose or even at a team member's home that has access to water.

7. Hold an Event

"An event" is purposefully vague because it could literally be anything you think people in your area would want to go to and pay money to attend. You could:

  • Host a local dance
  • Have a family slow-pitch game
  • Hold softball lessons for kids
  • Have a "date" auction
  • Organize a board game tournament

Whatever you think would be a fun event can be turned into a fundraising opportunity. Charge an entrance fee or make it a ticketed event along with selling things at the event itself.

This type of fundraiser will definitely take more of a time commitment and more effort from the entire team, but the profit will make everything worth it.

8. Team Garage Sale

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of junk in your house and make some extra money. If the entire team can come together to create one giant garage sale, you'll have a ton of items to sell and make money from.

You can all get together to organize the things you're selling, price them, and sell them to people who stop by. You can also put up flyers around your town and hand them out at a busy area to get people to come to the sale.

Try These Softball Fundraising Ideas this Summer

Before you can get out on the field and hit some home runs, you'll have to get your team's finances in order. You can't hit a home run without a bat, after all.

Try some of these softball fundraising ideas to earn money for your summer team. Not only will these things help you afford the best uniforms and equipment, they're also fun team building activities.

Check out our blog for other softball tips and tricks!

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