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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SoftballTradingPins.net the best place to buy my pins from?

No-one else offers such high quality, original designs at such great value, with such caring customer service. Here’s why:

  1. IT’S SO EASY: We tell you what’s going on at every step of the process. We’re always here to answer your questions and hold your hand through every decision.
  2. CUSTOM ARTWORK: We pride ourselves on the quality of our designs and we never, ever use templates. When your players walk into that tournament, they can hold up their heads and trade with confidence, knowing that their design is totally unique.
  3. GREAT CHOICE: Whatever your budget we’ll help you find a pin that projects the image you want. The choice is huge, from traditional soft enamel pins to crystal-like offset-printed and economy iron and molded. There’s also a vast range of pin enhancements to add the finishing touch, including glitter, crystals, danglers, spinners and sliders.
  4. GUARANTEED LOW PRICING: You won’t be caught out with hidden costs, as we don’t charge for molds, artwork, set up or standard shipping – all that is free. Plus we promise you won’t find lower prices anywhere else on the web – and if you do we’ll match it.
  5. DELIVERY YOU CAN TRUST: Your pins are tracked and insured, and we always use reliable national carriers like FedEx and UPS, for complete peace of mind.

When should I get in touch?

The earlier the better. As soon as you know you’ll need pins, get in touch for a no-obligation price. Then you’ll have all the information you need to show to your committee and help your team decide on the design, style and budget. It’s a lot easier – and a lot more fun – to make those kind of decisions when you have time on your side, rather than doing it all in a rush.

Get in touch now, even if you’re not sure exactly what you want. We can give you some initial thoughts and an idea of pricing – with no obligation. Just call us at 1-888-574-6118 or send us the Quote Form.

How can I be sure my team will like your designs?

It can be daunting when you know you’ve got to find a design that all your committee and team members can agree on. That’s why it’s important to work with a firm like us who has lots of experience that specializes in high quality design work.

Our talented graphic designers know what makes pins really prized and easy to trade at tournaments – after all we’ve produced artwork for over 35,000 pins in the last ten years.

We’re friendly and approachable to work with, and we start off by listening carefully to what you really want from your pin and the image your team wants to project. Then you’ll receive a proof which shows exactly what your pin will look like.

We usually include a few variations, and often one of those is spot on and everyone loves the design – but if not we’ll keep making changes until you’re completely happy with it.

To get a free, no-obligation price now, fill out our Quote form or call us on 1-888-574-6118.

I need pins fast – can you help?

Yes we can. Some pins are much quicker to produce than others. For example, we need up to 3 weeks to manufacture Soft Enamel Pins, but Quick Pins can be with you in just 4 working days. Order by 2pm on Monday and they’ll be with you by Friday!

Let us know your time constraints and we can help you choose the best pin to suit. If you’re on a tight deadline, we can also arrange for a courier at a small extra charge.

I need low cost pins – can you help?

Yes we can. Firstly no other website sells pins for less than us, thanks to our price promise guarantee . Plus, when budgets are tight we can help you make choices to get a great pin at a lower price. For example, stock shapes rather than a cut-out shape can reduce the price without cutting the quality. If you can be flexible in your timings or are happy with a slightly smaller pin size you can also shave the cost. Let us know your restrictions and we’ll do our best to help.

Is shipping free?

Yes. Standard 3-day shipping, with insurance and tracking is included free of charge on all orders to a US address. Your pins are carried by well known national companies like FedEx and UPS. We can also ship by  courier and to addresses outside the US for a small additional charge.

I’m confused by the choice – can you help?

Yes, we’re always happy to answer questions by email or phone. However, in simple terms, if you have a complex design with graduated colors and fine detail then Offset Printed is the best choice. If you like the traditional look with bright colors and simple, bold designs, then Soft Enamel is ideal Both these options can be enhanced with a wide variety of modifications such as glitter, crystals, spinners, danglers and so on which makes them highly desirable for trading. Quick Pins are a good quality pins that are simpler to produce, so they’re a good solution when you’re short of time. For friendly, helpful advice, just give us a call on 1-888-574-6118.

How many pins do I need to order?

Typically we find that 100 pins per player per season is about right. Our pins are always in high demand for trading because of the great quality and original, unique designs.

What’s your reputation?

We’re known as one of the leading softball pin makers, with a reputation for design quality and great value. Since we started out in 2003 we’ve produced over 350,000 pins for more than 1,000 US teams at some of the top tournaments including Little League Softball World Series. You can order with complete confidence, as nowhere else offers our unique custom designs, great service and a Total Satisfaction guarantee. We can’t wait to design your next pin! Get a price now using the quote form or call us at 1-888-574-6118 and we’ll give you a price.

How do I place an order?

It starts with a quote, which is free and no-obligation. Just get in touch using our Quote Form or call us on 1-888-574-6118.

If you’d like to go ahead, we’ll ask you about your softball team – the age of your players, your State, team colors, team mascot and anything else you’d like to tell us. Then we’ll create a high quality, custom design which is unique to your team and send you a proof showing exactly what it will look like, including any extra enhancements you specify such as spinners, danglers, or glitter. We’ll also send you a few different design options.

Let us know which ones you like and if you’d like anything altered. When your committee and team members are happy with the design, simply approve the proof and we’ll get your order under way. Manufacture takes between 4 days and 4 weeks depending on the type of pin you choose.

Standard shipping with tracking and insurance is free, or we can deliver by  courier for a small extra charge. Each pin is individually wrapped, so that they’re ready to hand out and trade as soon as you receive them. If you need to speak to us at any time, we’re always happy to take a call on 1-888-574-6118 or you can contact us by email at customercare@softballtradingpins.net.

What if I’m disappointed with the pins?

We take the greatest care to make sure your pins arrive in perfect condition. They are manufactured to the highest quality, and a random sample is always inspected by hand before they’re sent to you, so the chances are you’ll be delighted. However, we want you to be 100% happy, so if you have any issues, just call us on 1-888-574-6118 within 7 days and we’ll do everything we can to put things right.

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