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Soft Enamel Softball Pins

Softball Trading Pins Soft Enamel Pins

Always in demand at softball tournaments, these traditional-style softball trading pins are the highest quality with vivid bright colors, and a huge range of optional extras such as blinkers, sliders, bobbles and spinners.

They’re made using a centuries-old decorative technique, also known as Soft Enamel Cloisonné. Each part of the design is stamped into the metal to create recessed areas which are filled with enamel paint. Each softball trading pin is then fired at low heat to harden the colors and give a lustrous appearance.

Your softball trading pin design can include cut-out shapes and brass, silver and gold metals and you can give the pin a jewel-like appearance with extras like glitter, crystals, blinkers and glow-in-the-dark.

Orders take 16 days to complete. Call now to find out more on 1-888-574-6118 or send us the Quote Form so we can give you a no-obligation price.

So how many softball pins do you need?  The quantity of an average softball pin order is usually about 500 pins. The more you order the cheaper they become!  Plan for one pin per girl per team. Now calculate 12 softball players on your team and 40 teams in the tournament means 480 softball pins. This would be a safe estimate for when you are passing out your softball pins at the tournaments.

Example of Our Soft Enamel Pin Pricing

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