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Add Some Wow To Your Pins

There’s lots of ways to add ‘trade appeal’ to your trading pins. Some enhancements, such as blinking lights turn them into the coveted ‘3:1’ pins, meaning that they’re so popular at tournaments that other players will trade three of their trading pins for one blinker. Make your softball trading pins the most prized at every tournament – just mention the options you’re interested in when you send us your quote form.


Put on the glitz and glam up your trading pins with Glitter – one of the cheapest ways to make a pin more desirable. It costs just 15 cents per pin per color of glitter.


Watch the other players come flocking at the softball tournaments to trade these blinking light trading pins– always hugely popular. A tiny battery-powered light flashes on and off – you can’t miss it, especially at night. Great for mascot eyes. Blinkers cost just $1.25 for one light and $1.99 for two per pin.


Bling up your softball trading pin with glass crystals that look like jewels, adding sparkle and texture. We have a huge choice of colors and sizes, and they look great in the eyes of a mascot. Crystals are just 10 cents per crystal per pin.


One of the most highly sought after trading pins at tournaments, a spinner is like a second pin attached the first which twists and turns. A great way to make a really original design. Spinners cost from 65 cents per pin depending on size.


A really cool extra that always makes softball trading pins really easy to trade. A channel is made in the main pin and a second, smaller pin attached so that it slides up and down or side to side. Sliders start at just 65 cents per pin depending on size.


Danglers hang from the main pin by a small chain, to make the pin design more interesting and interactive. A great way to add a year they make the overall pin size larger, which also makes it more sought-after for pin trading. Danglers start at just 65 cents per pin.

Bobble Heads

Incredibly in demand for pin trading, bobble heads are attached to the main pin by a small spring so they bob around with the slightest movement. We recommend these for older team members, as they are a little more fragile than other attachments. Bobbles cost just 85 cents per pin.

Glow In The Dark

Another economical way to add interest and trade-appeal to your trading pins, costing just 15 cents per color, per pin. Special glow enamel looks amazing, but is only available in a limited range of colors, so let us know if this is an option you want, and our designers will work with you to create the perfect design.

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