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4 Steps to Finding the Right Softball Glove for You

November 29, 2017

4 Steps to Finding the Right Softball Glove for You

Finding a softball glove that fits can be quite a tedious process if you don't know what to look for. What position do you play for starters? Are you a novice softball player or advanced with skills that require a steady glove?

Whatever reason you're looking for a softball glove, you've come to the right place. Here, we're discussing how to pick the right softball glove so you can play with confidence and respect.

Selecting a Softball Glove

When you're picking a softball glove, you need to be particular to the position you play in the sport. Pitchers, Outfielders, Infielders, and Catchers all wear different gloves or mitts for different reasons. Keep reading to learn more:

Finding the right softball glove is important

Pitcher's Glove

Pitchers gloves have deeper pockets to make it easier for the pitcher to grip the ball before a pitch. It also keeps the ball hidden from the opposing batter.

You might look for a glove with a web design to better conceal the ball. Also, look for gloves with knotless back designs, or less lacing, to prevent marks and bruises on your legs when you wind up for a pitch.

Pitchers want to look for gloves that they comfortably control but also large enough to shield a pitch. A slow pitch youth player (12 and under) should wear between 11"-12.5" glove.

Outfielder's Glove

Deeper pockets in an outfielder's glove are essential to catching a fly ball. A deep pocket style allows the player to get a firm hold on the ball and prevents it from falling out.

You can choose either a closed or open web design. Open designs allow for better visibility when catching fly balls. Closed web design aids in fielding larger softballs.

Outfielders generally wear the largest gloves in order to have a larger fielding range. Youth outfielders can wear between 11"-12.5" gloves for slowpitch softball.

Infielder's Glove

An infielder may opt for a shallow pocket in their glove because of its influence on ball transfers. A shallow pocket will allow the player to release the ball quicker.

Most infielders prefer a closed web design for support and security when catching the ball.

In terms of sizing, the infielder's glove is generally the smallest glove on the field. Youth might wear 11"-12.5" gloves while adults will probably prefer the same size.

Catcher's Mitt

The terms 'mitt' and 'glove' are used interchangeably in softball and baseball but the difference is most distinct for catchers. These gloves keep the fingers closer together for both safety and variety in catching the ball.

Webbing is often open on a catcher's mitt due to its size. It also helps to keep the ball more visible when you're tagging someone out.

You might look for a catcher's mitt that has added support in the wrist that also provides for mobility. Also be mindful of padding, you don't want too much padding but just enough to keep the pressure on the ball.

Youth size is typically a mitt around 32.5" and older players will probably need 33" or 34" mitts measured by their circumference.

Final Thoughts

Any softball glove should fit comfortably and snug. Look for gloves that are made of leather or synthetic leather for a supple, lightweight feel that protects your hand and grips the ball.

Success on the field all begins with the right equipment. Be a winner on and off the field with a softball glove that gets the job done.

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