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Softball Team Building Activities to Bring Your Team Together

August 3, 2018

Softball Team Building Activities to Bring Your Team Together

Having chemistry and friendship between the girls on your softball team is an important key to success. Check out these ideas for softball team building activities, including exchanging trading pins!

While individual skill and knowledge is important in any sport, softball requires teamwork and understanding between players. A perfect throw is worth nothing if you have no one at the bag to throw it to, right?

Working together gets outs, scores runs, and makes the game more fun. No true team is built overnight, but there are certain activities that can help your players get to know one another and build team chemistry.

Try out some of these softball team building activities to build teamwork and help your players bond.

Team Outings

Going out and doing something together as a team will give the players a chance to talk and bond in a way they might not get to at practice.

Even going out for a team dinner at a local restaurant would be a nice way for your players to talk and bond without the pressure and stress of practice.

You could also make it more softball themed by going out to a college softball or a professional baseball game. Your girls will love watching other skilled players, and it will be a chance for them to see a great team at work.

If you really want to take it to the next level, try something like a high ropes course or an escape room. These activities require communication and teamwork to complete, which are essential for any sports team.

Volunteer Projects

Volunteer projects are a way you and your team can give back to the community. Whether you hold a softball clinic for younger players, clean up your local park, or hold a food drive, service projects will have your team working together to give back.

The Knot

The human knot has been a girls team building activity forever: have the players stand in a circle and reach out to grab the hand of the person across from them in the circle.

This creates a knot of limbs and people. Your team then must communicate and work together to get themselves out of the knot without letting go. This forces your team to work together to problem solve just as they'll have to during games.

Trading Pins

Softball trading pins are a fun and unique way to bond with teammates. The girls can show off their collections, trade for some of their favorites, and bond over collecting softball merch.

Your team will have a blast collecting as many pins as possible. Bonding over a shared interest will bring the team closer together, and can even help them connect with players of all ages on different teams.

Softball Team Building Activities: Wrapping Up

No matter the age group of your team, building team chemistry is essential for playing the game. Trying one, or all, of these softball team building activities, can build trust, improve communication, and make playing the game more fun.

If you want some more softball tips and tricks, check out our blog. You can also check out our pin selection to jumpstart your pin trading game.

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