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Handy Tips to Help You Prepare For Softball Team Travel

March 21, 2019

Handy Tips to Help You Prepare For Softball Team Travel

Almost 10 million people play softball regularly over the course of any given year.

And why not?

Softball is an outstanding sport that teaches children and adults the merits of competition, sportsmanship, discipline, and a variety of other life-enhancing skills.

Of the 10 million people who play softball, many do so through youth softball organizations and many of those organizations have their teams traveling regularly.

Whether it's hopping in a van to move your team to a neighboring city or jumping on a plane for inter-state play, if you're the coach or parent of a fastpitch softball team, you're probably no stranger to travel and the challenges it brings.

To help improve your team travel workflow, our group has laid out some handy tips you can lean on below.

1. Communication

The number one element that will create a smooth team travel experience for coaches, parents, and players is communication.

Everyone should know where the game is going to take place, when call-time is, and how to get there. Furthermore, everyone should be on the same page as far as accommodations are concerned.

While there's no hard and fast rule that the whole team needs to stay at the same hotel if they're traveling with parents, doing so can be a great team building experience.

2. Car Maintenance

Most team travel destinations can be reached via parents driving kids in their personal vehicles. If traveling to neighboring cities is something that's going to happen regularly, make sure that your car can handle the mileage.

It's important to get your car serviced, have access to an emergency auto-repair kit, and have your AAA card handy.

You don't want a popped tire to come between your kids and their big game.

3. Fly in The Morning

If your travel plans are going to have you up in the air, we recommend flying in the morning.

Flying in the early morning is traditionally a less busy time to travel. That means that you'll have an easier time keeping track of kids and their belongings.

Also, people tend to sleep through early flights which could save you the headache of having to ensure your excited team doesn't get overly rambunctious in transit.

4. Have a Single Point of Contact

Whether it's the coach or a team parent, since communication is key while traveling, we always recommend making it clear to the team who to contact if anything should arise.

The point of contact should have all relevant information regarding bookings, flights, game details, and everything in-between.

A single point of contact keeps too many cooks from being in the kitchen and reduces the chance of misinformation leading to game-time drama.

5. Bring Snacks

Finally, to seal the deal on a great team travel experience, bring snacks. Lots of them.

Also, be sure to keep them nutritious. Your kids have to be feeling their best come game time!

Wrapping Up Handy Tips to Help You Prepare For Softball Team Travel

There you have it! 5 solid tips to help you improve your team travel experience.

We hope the information in this post helps reduce any in-transit hiccups and allows your team to focus on enjoying the bonding experience that is team travel.

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