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4 Softball Drills for Beginners: Youth Softball Drill Guide

May 22, 2019

4 Softball Drills for Beginners: Youth Softball Drill Guide

Looking for some drills to hit the ground running this season? Use these 4 softball drills for beginners to learn the fundamentals of softball.

If you knew that baseball was America's favorite past time, you might not know that softball is almost as popular. Recent studies estimate that about 40 million Americans play a softball game each year!

Whether you are a new team coach or a proud parent, there are great softball drills that will help build all the necessary skills.

We have gathered a few of our favorite drills to help you get started. Keep reading to learn which drills can help your team get out of the dugout and into the game!

1. Home to First Base Drill

Many players have the tendency to lurch forward or to stop dead on first base instead of running past it. The good news is that this mistake is easy to correct.

To complete this drill, have the "batter" stand in the box and pretend to hit a ball on the coach's signal. As soon as they swing, they run full speed towards first base, run past it a few steps (making sure to touch the bag with their foot) circle around towards the first base dugout and come to a stop on the first base bag.

Line up the whole team to make this a relay drill!

2. Parachute Hitting Drill

Tie a plastic bag, a bat parachute, or even a bat weight to the end of the bat and swing away! Do not try to hit a ball like this, but practice swinging as if you were trying to hit a ball.

This drill teaches players to swing through the ball instead of stopping at the point of impact. Once mastered, this drill is excellent for developing a more powerful swing.

3. Grounding Drill

This drill's purpose is to help players pick up and throw a ball that hits the ground and rolls towards them.

The player should have a wide stance with bent knees with the bare hand placed on top of the glove forming a "V" with the wrists touching.

Hit a ball towards the ground in front of the player. Their goal will be to place the glove in front of themselves in the trajectory of the ball and, once the ball rolls into the glove, the bare hand snaps closed like a rat trap over the ball.

After that, the bare (throwing) hand pulls the ball out of the glove and proceeds to throw the ball to the baseman.

4. Best Softball Drills for Pitchers

One of the first things you should do is figure out what every player's strengths are and put the "aces in their places". Not everyone can play every position well and making sure your team has the right player in the right places can help the team dynamic function better.

After you identify your pitcher, have them run through a windmill pitching drill.

For this drill, start with the pitching motion without the ball. Once you have your form down, then add a ball.

The three main aspects to focus on during this style of pitching are your balance, the wrist snap, and the hip close.

Let's Play Ball!

Once you get your team together and you run a few of these softball drills, you will be ready to hit the field and start practicing!

Make sure you help build team rapport by doing something fun to bring everyone together. Have a team building party or make a unique pin for the team so everyone can represent their team when they are out of uniform too!

If you have questions about this article or if you would like a quote on your own custom team trading pins, contact us today!

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